Short break in Slovenia – Things to see in 48h

A short plane ride away from Brussels you will find …many interesting and diverse destinations. Probably one of the advantages of this small Western European country. Staying true to our wanderlust, in January 2014, we hopped on an ADRIA plane to visit friends in Ljubljana. Despite the delays usually associated with traveling during winter in Europe (always catching airports by surprise, it seems, although it tends to come during the same 3-month period every year) we had a smooth 1h15 flight to Slovenia’s capital. And we are glad we did as Slovenia is truly a winter wonderland.

As this was a short week-end getaway we had to choose two among the great natural sites of Slovenia. We went for Lake Bled and the  Postojna Caves. Both sites were located within an hour drive from our guesthouse. But then, In Slovenia, everything is located within a short drive away on a very good network of highways. Lake Bled. Probably a better location to visit in Summer as in January everything seemed frozen and a bit empty. On a clear day you get great views from the Bled Castel, built on a precipice above the city of Bled. Entry fee was 9 Euro when we visited and you could redeem it for a coffee at the restaurant. There is also a museum taking visitors on a journey through the history of Bled. We liked it but would have wished for better wether to allow for some nice photo taking. Postojna Caves. A great journey underground. I have travelled to a few other caves so far but this one was a really special place with huge chambers and an amazing display of stalactites and stalagmites. The tour starts with a 5 km or so train ride to the point of departure and then another 2.5 km walk to the point of exit, where another underground train picks you up. During the walk, a tour guide offered explanations in EN, FR, IT and Slovene. Towards the end of the tour, you can see an aquarium displaying the olm – a blind and colorless cave dweller that sparked the interest  of scientists. Entry prices for adults were 22.9 Euro in January 2014. Families with kids seemed to have a great time. Of course, to end it all, we had a walk in Ljubljana’s old center, visited its castle and enjoyed coffee and cake at the famous Zvezda on Sunday, before the flight backWe promised ourselves to be back for more cake and a ski holiday in the wonderful Slovenian mountains.  What short breaks in Europe can you recommend? Slovenian winter wonderland Clouds over lake Bled


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