Live from Brindisi – Sun and gelato

This is my first blog post from the road. On this occasion, the
road starts at Brindisi and should lead to Positano, in the span of about a week. Also, the plan is to move from one place to another by train rather than car and therefore avoid getting stressed by widespread lack of parking in the small Italian cities of the South.

Brindisi is laid back affair on most days as tourists in the Puglia region would choose either to Lecce or Bari as a jump-off point. Today in particular, with most shops closed for ferragosto, it feels more like a ghost town. The few people on the streets are being chased inside by temperatures in the 30s in Celsius. I found my reprieve from the heat in a nice gelato place called Betty caffe, right on the Viale Regina Margherita.
For dinner I can recommend the Pantagruele restaurant, on Salita di Ripalta. I forgot that Italians eat late so I passed by at 8 pm. The place stayed empty till about 9 but then there were no tables free. Book ahead if you plan to eat with the locals.
Then, what better way to end a warm Mediterranean evening than a gelato. I think I know a place…





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