Somewhere in the middle of a giant Globetrotter in Cologne, I decided to start a Travel blog and share my stories, experiences and tips with other passionate travellers as I try to get inspiration for my next escape.

I have so far extensively explored Europe, with some short forays into North America and North Africa. As me and Mr. prepare to embark into a longer trip in Southeast Asia, this travelogue will be our way of connecting with all dear ones at home. In the future, I will try to focus part of my posts on the destination I know best, as I have been travelling there since I was 3 years old: Romania. As I learn to use our DSLR camera, I hope to accompany my posts with some great photos.

I do travel quite a bit, partly due to my job but mostly for leisure. The fact that I am expat in Belgium and Mr. comes from yet another European country adds to the traveling mix.
We are not really budget travelers but we are budget-conscious. We consistently try to get your money’s worth and are always interested in good deals. I will always choose a nice B&B or homestay over a four star hotel. We do like to experience local events and food as much as possible.

Except for the actual traveling, I spend part of my free time learning things (anything, really, from languages to cooking to using the new DSLR camera) and, of course, planning the hell out of that next trip (my husband calls that “controlling”, I just call it being a perfectionist 🙂 ).

Hope you find my tips and ideas useful when you plan that next escape! Do not forget to get in contact should you head to one of the destinations we visited and have questions.

Happy travels!


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