Driving the Transfagarasan, an epic Romanian roadrip

Transfagarasan, the name of the road that links the South part of Romania with Transilvania was made famous in Western Europe by the British TV show Top Gear where it received the title of “best road in the world”. But even before gaining this notoriety, it was considered one of the most spectacular roadrips in Eastern Europe for its hight and beautiful views. Tourists from all over the world are now going to Romania to drive this 90 km stretch of road that goes up to an altitude of 2000 km and crossing the Southern section of the Carpathians.

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A chill out August break in Copenhagen 

This week-end we visited friends living in Copenhagen. For us, visiting people living around the world is the best way to combine our two favourite things: travel and spending time with friends. Also it has the perk that you do go out with a local which is often much more interactive and informative than going out with the Lonely Planet guide. So, we try to do this quite often, especially around Europe.

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Short break in Slovenia – Things to see in 48h

A short plane ride away from Brussels you will find …many interesting and diverse destinations. Probably one of the advantages of this small Western European country. Staying true to our wanderlust, in January 2014, we hopped on an ADRIA plane to visit friends in Ljubljana. Despite the delays usually associated with traveling during winter in Europe (always catching airports by surprise, it seems, although it tends to come during the same 3-month period every year) we had a smooth 1h15 flight to Slovenia’s capital. And we are glad we did as Slovenia is truly a winter wonderland.

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Un peu d’air frais – Short break in Normandie

Last week-end, encouraged by the very nice weather forecast, we decided to jump in the car and explore a bit in the North of France. With no prior bookings we decided to head to Deauville and Mont Saint-Michel for a short break.

We were initially set for Le Havre to watch the big ships sail into port. As we arrived there, the rain started to fall and ruined our plans for a short stop and lunch. Despite warnings from booking.com and Agoda that the town is fully booked, we decided to continue to Deauville in search for accommodation.

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