Fun activities for kids and parents alike: a busy day in Berlin Charlottenburg

Charlottenburg neighbourhood houses several famous Berlin landmarks: the KuDamm shopping street, KaDeWe -Berlin’s fanciest department store, the Memorial Church and another cool store housing many local design brands: Bikini Berlin. That enough will put it on many people’s list when visiting Germany’s capital. But what about the kids you may ask…what is in it for the kids? As we all know, kids and hours long shopping sprees have very little in common. Unless it’s a toy shop.

Well, for one, the Berlin Zoo.


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Searching for that perfect backpack – Globetrotter, Cologne

Yes, this entire post is about finding a good backpack to accompany me in my next adventure.

Because we wanted to have a bit of choice and test a few different brands, my husband suggested taking a day trip to Germany, Cologne. We had good experiences with travel gear and accessories bought in Berlin in a similar outdoor outlet and were lured by Globetrotter’s claim of having “Europe’s biggest outdoor store”. Finally, having the advantage of one mid-week Belgian public holiday, we were sure to beat the globetrotting crowds.

If you decide to head to Cologne to buy your travelling gear,

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